ODISHA Madhusudan Das

The pride of Odisha Madhusudan Das was born on 28th April in the year 1848 in Satyabhamapur which is about just 20 km from Cuttack of Orissa. The main thing about him that he was the first graduate of Odisha and the first advocate of Odisha. So he was awarded with a prestigious name that "Utkal Gourav". So the name of Madhusudan Das became Utkal Gourav Madhusudan Das
Madhusudan Das started his primary school career from his village school. After the completion of his primary school career he started his High School career in Cuttack High School which is known as Ravenshaw Collegiate School now in the year 1864. After the completion of his high school career he gave an entrance and started his higher secondary education in Kolkata University of Kolkata. He stayed there about fifteen years. In the year 1870 he became the first graduate of Orissa. After getting the bachelor degree he continued his study to complete his master degree and also his B.L. degrees. So he was a scholar student of Orissa.

He became a popular person among Oriya peoples. Many common people of Odisha called his as "Madhu Babu". He was not only a lawyer but he was also a social reformer and a patriot. He was the founder of "Utkal Sammilani" which brought the revolution in the social development of Odisha.

He was also the first Oriya who was the member of Legislative Council and also in Central Legislative Assembly. He was the first Oriya to sail overseas and also the first Indian Minister.

He is also the founder of "Utkal Tannery" which was a production industry of shoes and other leather products which was built in the year 1905.

He was also a best Oriya writer who have been written many famous articles and poems in both Oriya and English language. The famous poems of Madhusudan Das are : Jati Itihash, Utkal Santan, Jananira Ukti etc.