ODISHA Kanchi Avijana

There was a king named Purusottama Deva in the Gonga Dynasty who ruled over the state of Orissa.

He was a great devotee of Lord Jagannath.

There he met the princes of Kanchi – Padmavati. And both came to know each other. Later the king was invited to palace of the King of Kanchi who, along with his queen was very pleased with Purusotama Deva and offered their Daughter in marriage to him.

The Minister of Kanchi saw that King Pursottama is standing infront of the chariot with a broom in his hand. Later he started sweeping the road infront of the Charriot. Seeing this the minister felt very bad. How could a king do the work of a Chandala?

He was very angry with this act of the king. So he returned back immediately and said everything to the king, stating that how can we put the hands of our princes in the hands of a chandala who sweeps the Road.

he King of Kanchi without understanding the situation agreed to the minister opinion and decided that the princes should not marry King Purusottama.

The king of Kanchi was very powerful and was a worshipper of God Ganesha. So he placed a condition. If atall he wins this war then The lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra shall be surrendered and shall be placed behind to his deity of Ganesh. And if atall Pursottama Deva wins the war then he shall surrender his Deity Ganesh and shall be placed behind to Lord Jagannath, Balavadra and Subhdra.

When Purusottama Deva was forced to leave the battlefield when his camp caught on fire, he felt it was a great insult. He was immediately concerned that he would lose the deities from the Jagnnath temple, and that they would be placed behind Ganesh in Kanchi.

The King began to pray Lord Jagannath: “Oh lord please help me, due to being engaged in your service of sweeping the road, the king of Kanchi was insulted and cancelled my marriage. If I am defeated in this battle, is it not also your Defeat? It is a great insult to you.

That Night, lord Jagannath appeared in the sleep and asked him to continue in the war and this time the Lord is going to help him on the war.