Secrets your body reveals about you

Thinning hair and chunky thighs can put you at an advantage, if studies are to be believed. Researchers have found that your bodily make-up gives out clues about your personality, health, state of mind and attitude towards friends and family. Read on to celebrate your peculiarities

Why football is ‘as good as sex’ for men

Soccer fans’ hormone levels soar while watching a game but do not increase further after a victory, a new study has revealed. The study was conducted with 50 Spanish soccer fans watching the finals between Spain and the Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup.

Hop, skip and jump

Customising your workout or doing at least one session of non-routine workouts might make you the star of the gym and you may grab eyeballs for a refreshingly new trend. Some may start with Suryanamaskar, sprinting or walking with weights in hand or non-intense dance session instead of a warm up

Aqua Asana

There are many practices in yoga that can be beneficial to you if you are a regular swimmer. In fact, it’s easy to see the similarities between the two activities — they are easy on the joints (especially good for stiffer people), and provide a wholesome work-out for the body. However, swimmers will often say that they