Happy Bite

I am in complete awe of Chinese food. Of course, Indian food also remains in my all-time favourite list, but Chinese cuisines manage to engage most of my appetition for food.

Eat right, pray too

With all the information, education and changes in our diet, many of us still do not feel energetic. Could it be that we are not only what we eat, but also how we eat? At breakfast,

Mind your food

We live in times where pill popping has become a solution to all our physical and mental health problems. Instead of subjecting your body to chemicals and medical drugs,why not control your moods through natural foods?

‘Cook books stale meat’

The belly rules the mind. Well, for New York-based chef Jehangir Mehta, the belly does rule his mind and life. From dishing up delicacies in his restaurant to whipping lip-smacking tid-bits for his children, Jehangir enjoys his time around food.