Puri being a coastal district of Orissa is famous for its Historic antiquities, Religious sanctuaries, Architectural Grandeur, Sea-scope beauty, moderate climate. It holds a wealth of attraction for the visitors. It boasts of a continuous history from the 3rd Century B.C. to the present day and its unique monuments like those of Lord Jagannath at Puri, the Sun God at Konark are the famous in the world. It has the Chilika Lake, one of the largest brackish water lakes in India that holds a picturesque Sea-Scope beauty. It offers an ideal resort for birds that migrate from different parts of the continent. By virtue of Geographical location, the climate of Puri is equable through out the year.Puri, the abode of Vishnu as Jagannath which contributed the word “Juggernaut” to the English language, represents its integrated individuality as its cultural heritage, a unique blend of claims of time and eternity with a power answerable only to wisdom. Puri’s compendious heritage has been representing that spark of immortality that the Oriyas and the Indians have own against the powers of negation, through a spirit of university, adaptability, and an astute mixture of the present which no other culture can aspire to explain as its self justification. The name of the Lord as Purusottama (perfection personified) or as Jagannath (Lord of Universe) represents a universality in true with the familiar fraternity of mankind (Vasudheva Kutumbakam). Adi Shankaracharya visited Puri, set up the Gobardhan Matha (monastery) as the exception from his other three mathas as a Vaishnavite, defined Jagannath as the Supreme one. It is thus not only one of the four Dhams (Holy Places) for Hindus but the most pious and sacred place.


Origin of the Name
The District has been named after its head quartes town, Puri.According to Cunningham the ancient name of this town was Charitra mentioned by the Chinese piligrim Hiuen Tsang as Che-li-ta-lo. But the restoration of the word Che-li-ta-lo as Charitra and its identification with the town of Puri are open to doubt. The importance of the town as a seat of Vaisnavism increased when Chodaganga Deva constructed the temple of Purusottama Jagannath and installed the images of the deities. Thereafter, it became famous as the abode of Purusottama and was popularly called purusottama Kshetra.
In the drama Anargharaghava Natakam attributed to cir.9th century A.D. we find the name Purusottama applied to this town . In the Nagari Plate of Anangabhima III of the Saka year 1151-52 i.e., 1229-30 A.D., the place is called Purusottama Kshetra. This name in the form of Purusottama Chhatar or only in the form Chhatar was used by the Mughal, the Maratha as well as the early British rulers in their official records. Even in Yoginitantra and Kalikapurana the city is referred to as Purusottam. Puri region was also known as Utkal.The name Purusottama Kshetra was also for sometimes known as purusottama Puri and as the word Purusottama Kshetra was contracted into Kshetra or Chhatra so also Purusottama Puri was expressed in the contracted form Puri . Infact, in many early British records this town is known by the name Pooree. In modern times Puri has become the most popular of all the other names of this town.

Geographical Location

The littoral Tract:
The strip of the country lies between the alluvial and the Bay of Bengal. It assumes the form of a bear but sandy ridge which stretches along the sea- shore for the full length of the District, Varying from 6.5 Km. to a few hundred meters in with . Accumulations of wind blown sand give rise to ridges parallel to the coast. It forms the dividing line between the Chilika Lake and the ocean.

How to reach?

Railway facility is available from Puri and to Puri from all major cities, towns and areas (inside the state as well as outside states).

The district is well connected with all the important places of the state as well as outside states.

Bhubaneswar airport is the nearest and reachable airport from the district.

Fairs and Festivals

Puri celebrate many festivals including Ratha yatra, Puri beach festival, Bahuda yatra, Ganesh puja, Jhulana yatra among many others.