12th King of Nayagarh Raghunath Sing (1565-1595) was highly powerful. During this time Muslims have already captured Orissa and the atmosphere of the coastal Orissa was fully indiscipline. Last independent king Mukunda Dev (1565) was defeated in Gohritikira and died. By taking the advantages of the political situations of Costal Orissa Raghunath Singh attacked Ranapur and captured Odgaon, Sarankul and Baunsiapara area from Ranapur estate and dispossessed Nayagarh-Daspalla boarder area from the King of Boudh and Sunamuhin area of Odgaon from the King of Ghumusar. He also captured a portion from Banpur. Before death, Ragunath Singh divided his estate between his three sons. Harihar Singh was in possession of Nayagarh and Jadunath Singh got four Khandagrams (large area of land) which was known as Khandapara later. Gadadhar Singh was the son of Harihar Singh. When he was engaged in a fight with Ranpur estate the king of Ghumusar attacked Nayagarh. Pindik Patsahani of village Sunalati with 150 soldiers fought the great army of Ghumusar and defeated him. But, in subsequent war he was captured by the enemy and sacrificed his life. Gadadhar Sing’s daughter married the great poet Upendra Bhanja of Ghumusar who settled at Malilsahi of Nayagarh estate after marriage. When British captured Orissa, Binayak Singh was the King of Nayagarh and the great Jadumani was his poet.


Geographical Location

The Nayagarh District is located towards the west of Puri district surrounded by Cuttack district in the North, Phulbani district in the West, Ganjam district in the South and Khurda district in the East. The District of Nayagarh lies between 190 54′ to 200 32′ North latitude and 840 29′ to 850 27′ East longitude. This district is situated in the hilly ranges in the West and its North Eastern parts has formed a small well cultivated fertile valleys intersected by small streams. This district is in the higher altitude than the sea level and above flood level. The river Mahanadi flows in the Eastern boundary.

How to reach?

87 km from Bhubaneswar and 67 km from Khurda Town, Nayagarh is on National Highway No-224, frequented by regular bus services from Bhubaneswar, Balangir and other places. Nearest railhead in at Khurda Road Rly. Station, 69 km away. There are regular interstate bus services from the nearby towns and cities.

Fairs and Festivals

The festival “Lord Ram’s Birth Day” falls on the 9th day of the bright half of ‘Chaitra” and is observed by the devotees all over the country. Devotee perform puja at every Ram Temple and keep on enjoying through out the day and night by observing yajna, Ramalila (based one Lord Ram’s life story) to please the Lord. Odagaon of Nayagarh is very famous for its unique way of celebrating ‘Ramnavami’.