Mayurbhanj has the distinction of being the largest district of Odisha. Once a prominent kingdom of India, Mayurbhanj has still kept its importance through a number of tourist attractions. On the historical date 1st January 1949, when Mayurbhanj got amalgamated with Orissa, it was recognized as a district. Mayurbhanj had the distinction of being administered by two contemporaneous medieval ruling families named as “Mayurs” and “Bhanjas”

Geographical Location

Mayurbhanj is a land- locked district with a total geographical area of 10,418 Sq.Km. and is situated in the Northern boundary of the state with district Head quarters at Baripada. The district lies between 21*16′ and 22*34′ North latitude and 85*40′ and 87*11′ East longitudes.Mayurbhanj was an important kingdom of Orissa even after independence. This kingdom got merged with Orissa and got the recognition of a district on 1st January 1949. This is the largest district of Orissa in terms of area and area under forest. Mayurbhanj is a heavenly place covered with river Budhabalanga, waterfall Barehipani and mountain Meghasana. It is also recognized for its irrigation and power project named Sunei. Mayurbhanj district is famous for horn works, stone & clay works, Tussar silk, jute mills and spinning mills.

How to reach?

An aerodrome field is located near Rasgovindpur in Mayurbhanj district. No flight service is available to this destination. Nearest airports are Calcutta- 250 kms and Bhubaneshwar- 300 kms. There was a railway line from Baripada to Bhubaneswar. The National Highway No. 5 passes through the district and connects it with Kolkata and Bhubaneswar.Regular bus services are available from Baripada and Keonjhar. Frequent trekker services are available too.

Fairs and Festivals

Car festival of Mayurbhanj
The temple of Lord Jagannath at Baripada is universally known as Haribaldev temple. It was built by Shri Baidyanath Bhanj in 1575 A.D. on the same architectural principles of Kakharua Baidyanath temple. The Jagannath temple compound is provided with small cells in which the images of different religions find place. Among them may be seen beautiful images of Avalokiteswar Paraswanath and Umamaheswar. At the inner gate of this temple are found images of Jain Tirthankaras, Rishabhanath, Paraswanath and Mahavir beautifully carved out in black chlorite stone.
Ratha Yatra or Car festival of Baripada occupies second position to that of Puri.During the days of festivity small township of Baripada Wears a different look with three gigantic chariots of Lord Jagannath,Lord Balabhadra and Devi Shubhadra, criss-cross of light and thronging of large number of devotees puring from different parts of this District as well as neighbouring districts.The Nine days festival On Badadanda fills the heart and mind of the devotees with religious sentiments as their faith goes like this ‘touching the rope of Ratha of Lord Jagannath would mitigate the pain of rebirth and immortal soul would mingle with great soul of greatest creator of this Universe’.